How to Invest “Outside the Box” for 5X Gains


Thousands of investors are making one simple mistake…

And it all boils down to … a box:

Most of us tend to THINK inside the box. It’s human nature.

We limit our careers. We limit our physical abilities. We even limit our relationships.

All of these things can improve dramatically when we remove those artificial limits — “the box.”

That’s why we’re encouraged to think OUTSIDE the box.

People do the same thing — even more literally — with investing. They invest inside the box.

And that limits your potential profits.

But if we INVEST outside the box?

Well, we could unlock countless opportunities to target money-doubling moves again and again and again.

To be very clear, I’m talking about reaching your financial goals 5X FASTER… Let me show you how.

Perfect Environment for “Outside the Box” Investing

In the summer of 2021, inflation was rising and there was talk of the Federal Reserve raising interest rates.

After the financial crisis of 2008, the Fed kept interest rates too low for too long.

This had never happened before in financial history.

By keeping rates artificially too low, the Fed had opened a Pandora’s box.

Starting in the first quarter of 2022, inflation hit a 40+ year high, mortgage rates rose to a 20+ year high — freezing the housing market — and the Fed raised interest rates at the quickest pace ever.

U.S. Interest Rate Hikes

 Source: Comparing the Speed of Interest Rate Hikes (1988 to 2023).

Because of this sudden shock to the financial system, I observed certain stocks that were dislocated … they were like $100 bills lying on the floor … and nobody was picking them up!

And we didn’t have to wait years to make high returns.

Using my 40 years of experience — calling all the way back to my “quant” trader days on the Wall Street trading floor — I went to work.

I built a new system that could capture those gains.

When I started, it all came about by understanding one thing…

“Outside the box” investing.

The idea of “thinking outside the box” spread after a study called the nine-dot experiment done over 100 years ago.

Nine Dot Experiment

The instructor asks his class to draw a line through all nine dots, without lifting the pen, using only four strokes.

Nearly everyone has trouble with this the first time they try. They end up with something like this.

Imaginary box drawing the lines.

That’s because people are conditioned to see an imaginary boundary, a box, around the dots.

Imaginary Box without lines.

Now here’s the thing — as soon as the instructor says “just extend the lines outside the box,” almost everyone can solve the puzzle in a few minutes.

Thinking Outside the Box

You certainly don’t need to be a genius to figure this out.

You just have to think outside the box, and that’s how that phrase became popular.

It’s The Same for Investing

When people think about investing in a stock, what’s the first thing they do?

They pull up the stock and look at the chart.

And at that moment, they see a snapshot of the history of the stock. If the stock is hitting a high, people mentally put a ceiling on it. They think … it’s peaking.

Take a look at this. This is a chart of Microsoft in 2013. It looks like it peaked out, right? At least, it does, at first glance…

Microsoft Stock Earnings

But that’s because we are thinking inside the box.

Let’s get rid of the “box”…

Now, if we pretend it’s 10 years ago, we don’t know where the stock will go.

A lot of folks were betting it would be flat… Or go down.

Microsoft Stock 2012 - 2023

Few thought that the $30 stock would shoot up to $381… Yet, that’s exactly what happened.

And if we rewind time.

Anyone who invested inside the box, got out of the stock and missed out on a 1,200% gain.

Microsoft Earnings 1200% Gain

Microsoft was actually one of my big recommendations back in 2009. And folks were telling me the company’s best days were behind it.

Well, it’s up over 2,000% since then… For those who decided to hold on to it, that’s life-changing.

The point is, when people invest, they tend to put a ceiling on the potential gains. But a stock doesn’t work that way.

It does have a floor … $0. But on the upside, the potential is literally unlimited.

And if that stock is attached to a strong company, it will win the favor of Wall Street. It will attract more and more investors. Millions of dollars will pour in. Then billions.

And that $30 stock, like, Microsoft, can shoot to $100. $200. Then $300 per share.

Put the Box Away!

I shared my new approach in a live event yesterday.

So far, the feedback has put a huge smile on my face today.

Many investors are taking the first step to make 2024 the best investing year they’ve EVER had…

All by removing the box!

I asked my publisher to replay the broadcast for my Banyan Edge readers today.

In it, I’ll show you how my new system — based on 20 years of extensive research, backtesting and analysis — beat the market by 5X…

It has the power to grow any investor’s net worth by 3,514%.

You won’t want to miss it.

Click here to watch it now.


Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi
Founder, Alpha Investor

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