Chart of the Day: The Apex Profit Calendar


Investing in the stock market is about making decisions. And there are three questions new investors and seasoned traders have in common when they decide to dive in:

  • What stocks should I buy?
  • When should I buy in?
  • When should I sell?

They’re key questions to ask, but they’re also more loaded than they look.

Which is why we want to help you navigate the current volatility in this market and give you a HUGE edge in your investing game.

Check out this special chart.

Chart of the Day: Welcome to Profit Season

“For every time there is a season,” and the market’s no different. Mike Carr and the Money and Markets team have developed a new AI-based program that takes the guesswork out of investing — by analyzing the “seasonality” of stocks.

Yep, just like pumpkin spice and peppermint mocha, stocks can be seasonal.

The Apex Profit Calendar predicts 30-day profit windows on stocks that are about to see great momentum. This program has 10 years’ worth of more than 7,000 simulated trades and 20,000 hours of real market data. And it has proven to beat the market 96-to-1.

That’s one heck of an edge.

And it’s as easy as following a calendar … literally.

Apex Profit Calendar Daily Investment Now Chart of the Day The Apex Profit Calendar

Mike can give you the stock name and ticker on a trade, the recommended buy-in price and the exact date you should close your position — all to make the most returns on your investment.

(And with the predictive power of AI!)

Unlock Your Chance at a 20,015% Gain

Apex Profit Alert Daily Investment Now Chart of the Day The Apex Profit Calendar

If you want access to Mike’s new seasonal trading strategy, just go here for more details.

Happy Profit Season!

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