A Better Way to Make Food?


What’s the next Amazon, Apple, Tesla — the next grand slam home run?

I can tell you.

It’s going to be an artificial intelligence stock.

The applications are limitless.

Robotics, reshoring, health care, even the food you eat.

We’re revealing a company today that just launched its first fully autonomous tractor, which is really 20 years in the AI making.

This is one example of the year of AI. But if you really want to get your portfolio ready for the potentially HUGE gains ahead…

You need to attend my American AI Wealth Summit next week. I’ll be breaking down the single biggest trend shaking up the AI arena.

It’s completely free. Just plug your email in here and you’ll get a digital front-row seat to the event.

For the year of AI, you have to be focused on these stocks…



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Hot Topics in Today’s Video: Agriculture & AI

  • AI Ian! Vote on your favorite AI-generated copy of me right here. [0:50]

  • Market News: Small-cap stocks are gaining momentum this week. How far can the rally run? [3:00]
  • Mega Trend: Agriculture & AI. Two unlikely bedfellows, but it’s making for a very lucrative team. This company (name revealed!) is at the forefront of helping farmers make better decisions with sophisticated AI techniques. [6:55]
  • Investment Opportunity: I’m releasing a new webinar on July 27 — the American AI Wealth Summit — all about the AI revolution and why now is the time to invest. (Go here to reserve your spot!)
  • Crypto Corner: Blackrock (the largest asset manager in the word) is jumpstarting the bitcoin ETF venture. [10:20]
  • Reader Question: Cary wants to know why hydrogen and hybrid cars aren’t more popular than EVs. [15:45]

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How Have YOU Been Cutting Back?

Has inflation impacted your budget?

I saw a headline in The Wall Street Journal that made be chuckle: “One-Percenters Keep Shopping at the Dollar Store.”

It seems that even wealthier Americans are being stung by inflation. They’re starting to pare back their spending and are trading down, as the Journal recounts the case of shoppers that have eschewed Whole Foods for Dollar General.

Even Target and Walmart management both commented in their recent quarterly earnings calls that they’ve seen a change in their clientele over the past year. Higher-income people are more common in their stores than they used to be.

This hits close to home. I took a machete to my spending earlier this year, cancelling half of the streaming services I rarely use, and reducing the amount I pay for office and cloud services.

So, what about you?

Has inflation forced you to change your spending habits this year?

Go here to let us know!

We’d love to see how our readers are navigating this environment.

Regards,Charles Sizemore's SignatureCharles SizemoreChief Editor, The Banyan Edge

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