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Just inked a contract for my next book, and I want you to be a part of it!


I’ve some very exciting news to share with you today.

I just inked a deal with Harriman House to publish my third book. Its working title is: PATHFINDERS: Travelers’s Tale on the Simple Path to Wealth and…

I’d like you to be a part of it!

If that’s all you need to hear, click here – Pathfinders Sign Up – and get started!


Harriman House

Harriman House is the publisher of Morgan Housel’s stunningly successful book, The Psychology of Money. It is one of my personal favorites and I see it as a perfect companion to my own The Simple Path to Wealth.

Evidently, the good folks at Harriman House agree. About six months ago they reached out about working together, and we have been kicking around ideas ever since.

The Story

As regular readers here well know by now, I wrote The Simple Path to Wealth for my daughter as a financial guide. She was at the beginning of her adult life and the book’s approach reflected that.

While I certainly hoped the book would be successful and a help to others, what I never anticipated was how effectively my readers would adapt its approaches and methods to their own unique situations.

For instance…

Most readers, unlike my daughter, are not at the beginning of their journey. They are already a ways down the road. Life has gotten complicated and maybe a bit messy. Frequently they have mistakes and other approaches they now must unwind.

It got a bit messy

Photo by eleonora on Unsplash

The Simple Path is very US-centric. No surprise here. My daughter and I are both Americans and investing in the US is what I know. That hasn’t stopped the book from attracting readers from all over the world. It has been published in 15 different languages so far. Clearly those readers are able to translate these ideas into a useful path in their own countries.

I love hearing these stories.

Because of them, shortly after The Simple Path to Wealth was published I began thinking about a companion book that explored the journeys of people who had taken the message to heart and who had adapted it to their own unique life situations.

The initial inspiration for this came from the series of Case Studies I wrote for the blog a while back over the course of several years. These were deep dives into the specific situations and challenges of readers who had asked for my help.

I, and my blog readers, found these “fireside chats” engaging, educational and inspirational. Some, at least in part, will find their way into this new book. But as Chris, my editor at Harriman, and I discussed it we realized that seeking out your stories would add so much more.

By sharing our stories along the journey to financial freedom – whether setting out, making solid progress, stumbling into obstacles, or simply enjoying the rewards at journey’s end — we can make it easier for people to join us, and help those struggling to find their way. 

What we want from you

Your stories.

Some of you are just starting out on The Simple Path, taking up your staves and knapsacks. Others are experienced travelers with the worn boots and strong muscles to show for it. You have worked hard to get on this Path, sometimes having to backtrack from another you’d found yourself some way down. You have almost certainly encountered an unexpected boulder or two. Perhaps even a few trolls or dragons blocking the way.

Some of you will have reached the journey’s end and with your feet up are enjoying your just rewards.

Being able to help – to encourage, congratulate, commiserate, reminisce and swap scars – with my readers has been one of the great pleasures of my life. With this book, I invite you to join me.

After all, one of the best parts of any journey is the camaraderie shared along the way.

A compendium of travelers’ tales from the Simple Path to Wealth.

Wayside Inn

Imagine stepping into a kind of wayside inn in some exotic locale where travelers from all over the world and of every level of experience are pausing for refreshment on their own Simple Path to Wealth. The fire is roaring, the drinks are flowing, and there is the intoxicating aroma of something mouth-watering simmering in a pot the size of a small car. 

Tales are told…

  • of struggles overcome and the rewards that followed
  • of enterprising solutions to unexpected problems
  • of sacrifices made and the kindness of strangers
  • of the amazing places a few simple steps can take you
  • of unexpected adventures and friendships.

A Chautauqua in book form, if you will.

The details. How you can be a part of this and what that looks like.

If you’d like to share your unique story and insights, here’s what you need to do:

  • Click here – Pathfinders Sign Up, – and enter your email to register your interest with my publisher Harriman House. 
  • Even if you don’t want to submit your tale, signing up is the best way to stay up-to-date with this project. Don’t worry, we won’t spam or otherwise bug you.
  • Have a think about your traveler’s tale. Remember, you can be at any stage on the journey and you can write about any aspect of it, and at any length. In fact, focusing on one small part – rather than the whole quest – would as good, and maybe better, than trying to tell your whole story. 
  • Keep in mind, this is not the place to ask for my input or advice, but to offer yours.
  • We are looking for stories from all over the world. You don’t have to be from the US or the UK.
  • Don’t worry if you are not a “writer.” We have editors. Just tell your story.
  • Later this Spring, my publisher will email everyone on the list to let them know submissions are open. 
  • We are planning about 250 pages for this book, so space is limited. The earlier you submit, the better your chances of having your tale included! 
  • We plan to give contributors credit and will include your name and a website if you’d like.
  • You can also remain anonymous if you prefer, with only your country named if it is important to your story. Just be sure to let us know. 
  • I might also use your story on my blog, 
  • You will be granting Harriman House the right to publish your tale globally and to edit for length and clarity – but you will retain the right to publish it personally (on your own blog, for instance), and you will retain all copyright in your own submissions.
  • EVERY contributor – even if their submission doesn’t make it to the final book – will receive a written acknowledgement at the back of every copy.
  • If we use your submission, you will also receive a free copy of the hardcover edition of the book.

If this sounds good and you are ready, I hope you’ll join me beside the tavern fire. Click here –Pathfinders Sign Up – and get ready to share your traveler’s tale and make a difference to others on, or considering…

The Path



What the book will look like overall.

If you have read this far, I’d like to give you a preview of what this book will look like overall. Remember, this is a work in progress and this is subject to change.

  • The working title: Pathfinders
  • Subtitle: Travelers’ Tales from the Simple Path to Wealth
  • The book will be divided in to sections, each opening with an essay sharing my “rules of the road” for The Simple Path. Contributors’ stories will be arranged as chapters in these sections illustrating the practical applications of these ‘rules”.
  • Selected case studies from the past will be interwoven. 
  • I’ll be sitting down with my daughter, all these years after she inspired me to start the blog, and discussing our own stories in a final chapter.


Just inked a contract for my next book, and I want you to be a part of it! is written by jlcollinsnh for


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