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Why It’s Actually a Wonderful Time to Invest

It feels like the worst time to be an investor… Inflation has reached a new 40-year high. And the stock market is still taking a...

Millionaire-Making Biotech Bull Market?

I can’t stop. Because I see it clearly.  There’s a massive bull market building, and it will be bigger than anything you have seen before.  In it,...

Market FLIP happening NOW

Right now, there are two BIG shifts happening.  The narrative from inflation to recession. Demand for America 2.0 stocks. But the markets haven’t priced this in yet.  The...

1 Sector to Cause Fed to Pivot on Interest Rates

There’s no denying it: I’m a data guy.  Looking at numbers, I see vivid pictures of what’s happening in the economy and market. But there’s one...

How Wall Street Really Works (2022 Edition)

I can still remember sitting in that hot and stuffy classroom at the start of the college semester, listening to my finance professor talk...

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