U.S. Reshoring Is This Decade’s Biggest Trend


AI may be the biggest tech trend of 2023, but U.S. reshoring is the biggest market trend of this entire decade.

Reshoring is, you guessed it, the opposite of “offshoring.” Meaning, we’ve been bringing manufacturing facilities back to America.

Made in America is back!

This is especially true for microchips and automakers, after the chip shortage last year.

(Yep, the hummus at Whole Foods isn’t the only thing being “locally sourced” around here.)

Supply chains have seen a shift all over the world … ever since the COVID pandemic.

Now, thanks to three huge government spending programs (and $1 trillion), reshoring efforts have sparked a new mega trend in an unlikely industry set to soar in 2024…

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🔥 Hot Topics in Today’s Video:

  • Market News: What the September CPI data says about bonds and equities, and how Big Tech and AI factor in. [0:50]
  • Mega Trend: The U.S. has spent $1 trillion to help reshoring efforts spark a major U.S. construction trend for 2024. Here’s how this equipment rental company stands to profit. [4:10]
  • Crypto Corner: Bitcoin dominance in the crypto market is starting to fade. This is the time to invest in this space. Here’s why. [8:45]

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